All you need to bring is a smile and an open mind….

It can sometimes seem that there is so much pressure on a bride, both from herself and others, to have the perfect wedding day and look stunning in the perfect wedding gown.

We want to help take that pressure away and we aim to make the experience of choosing and finding your wedding dress as enjoyable and memorable as your wedding day. From the moment you choose your gown with Elegance Bridal, nothing is too much trouble. Our personal in-store seamstress will fit your dress perfectly to you and we will help you choose from a wide range of accessories to match your gown and complete the look you envision for your upcoming magical day.

We know that all our brides are looking for ‘the perfect gown’ and here at Elegance, we truly believe that you will find it, no matter what your shape, size or colouring. You’ll know it’s right as soon as you step into it because you’ll feel amazing and look amazing and your natural beauty will simply shine through. Your partner, family and friends will always remember the moment they first see you in ‘the perfect gown’.

At Elegance, we feel extremely privileged to be able to meet so many unique and interesting brides and help them make their wedding gown dreams become a reality.






We would love you come and see us at Elegance to try on a selection of our beautiful wedding dresses and it’s important to us to be able to get everything prepared for you. So please be sure to book an appointment for your weekday or weekend visit so that we can welcome you and your party and ensure that you have a fabulous time choosing your wedding gown.

Your appointment will last about an hour and all that you need to bring is a smile, an open mind and maybe someone close to you who you can trust to give you an honest opinion. It’s best not to bring too many people with you as sometimes a lot of opinions can be a bit overwhelming but don’t forget that we will be with you all the way to offer professional styling and shape advice and help you make your big decision.

Of course, no bride’s outfit is complete without some matching accessories, and our Dressing Table is bursting with a gorgeous selection of sparkling headpieces, beautiful veils, fabulous jewellery and even garters! We encourage you to try on as many of these as you like and find those final perfect pieces to complete your individual look.


With dressmaking being at very foundation of Elegance, we are a little obsessive about your fittings! In order for you to look and feel amazing, your dress needs to be fitted to perfection and that’s why we provide three separate in-house fitting sessions before your big day. And we use our own personal seamstresses to make any alterations so you can have peace of mind that your dress always stays with us and never sent away.

We ask you bring your wedding shoes along with you and each fitting usually takes 20-30 minutes. Your first is generally 8 weeks before your wedding and the second, 5 weeks before your wedding. Then a final one 2-3 weeks before the wedding so we know that everything is in check and you’re completely happy with the result. However, the number of fittings is not limited and we are happy cater to each individual bride according to their specific requirements.

At your final fitting appointment, we’ll ask you to bring someone along who we can show how to help you into your dress on the big day, so you don’t have to worry about fastening the back all on your own! Alternatively, if you would like one of us to come and help you do this on your wedding day, then please ask us about our ‘Dress on the Day’ service.


Once you’ve had your final fitting appointment, we will arrange a convenient date with you to come along to collect your dress and any other accessories you have chosen. Then you get to take it all home and try everything on again with your new gown fitting like a dream and taking your breath away!


So finally it’s the big day, your beautiful wedding gown is hanging up waiting for you, you’re ready to step into it and look and feel absolutely amazing! If you need assistance on the day to help you in to your dress we offer a Dress on The Day Service ensuring everything goes smoothly before you step out. Feel free to contact us for more information about this service.

We wish you a wonderful wedding day and are sure that it will be as magical and fabulous as you will look in ‘the perfect gown’.

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